Have you ever been upgraded on a flight?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 2 June 2008:

Have you ever been upgraded on a flight?

Its the holy grail of all travellers to hear those glorious words were upgrading you" - yet how often does it really happen? Have you ever been upgraded from economy to premium economy, business, or first class?

Which of these is closest to your experience?


A. Never/rarely fly.1,701 votes (19 %)
B. I fly enough, but I've never been upgraded.4,379 votes (50 %)
C. Upgraded once: without asking.1,652 votes (19 %)
D. Upgraded once: after we asked.374 votes (4 %)
E. Upgraded once: as compensation for Airline error/overbooking312 votes (4 %)
F. Get upgraded regularly.388 votes (4 %)

                   8,806 votes received.

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