Have high fuel costs changed the way you drive? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 02 Sept 2008:

Have high fuel costs changed the way you drive?

The price of petrol is at a record high. There are three main ways to cut the cost of fuel; you can drive more efficiently, up your car/van/bike's efficiency via decluttering and other tricks, and use comparison sites to find cheaper fuel. Read the full cheap petrol & diesel guide for full info.

Which of the following best describes changes youíve made in the last two years? This applies to van and bike drivers too.


A. I use the car less. 763 votes (13 %)
B. I drive less aggressively/more efficiently. 1,255 votes (21 %)
C. Iíve decluttered the car/made it more efficient. 86 votes (1 %)
D. I use the car less AND drive less aggressively. 749 votes (12 %)
E. I drive less aggressively AND have decluttered the car. 363 votes (6 %)
F. I use the car less AND have decluttered it.157 votes (3 %)
G. All the methods above.814 votes (13 %)
H. I donít drive.290 votes (5 %)
I. I got rid of my car.169 votes (3 %)
J. I made all these changes more than two years ago.368 votes (6 %)
K. Iíve not changed at all. 1,041 votes (17 %)

                   6,055 votes received.

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