Should Scotland be an independent country? MoneySaving Poll Results

The Scottish Government has launched its white paper ahead of the independence referendum due in 10 months’ time. The question that’ll be asked is: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

While only people in Scotland will vote, we wanted to see the answer from across the UK.


I live in England (13469 votes)
Yes to Scottish independence5145 votes (38%)
No to Scottish independence7686 votes (57%)
I’d abstain638 votes (5%)
I live in Northern Ireland (642 votes)
Yes to Scottish independence256 votes (40%)
No to Scottish independence341 votes (53%)
I’d abstain45 votes (7%)
I live in Scotland (9620 votes)
Yes to Scottish independence5347 votes (56%)
No to Scottish independence4199 votes (44%)
I’d abstain74 votes (1%)

Note: We have detected unusual voting patterns on the 'I live in Scotland' vote' inc a disproportionate number of Scottish voters (even taking into account the topic). Its likely there�ve been email/social media campaigns to drum up voters. So the result may be far from representative.

I live in Wales (1098 votes)
Yes to Scottish independence409 votes (37%)
No to Scottish independence629 votes (57%)
I’d abstain60 votes (5%)

                   24,829 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.