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Poll started 3rd May 2011

Are the Royals worth the tax?

The total cost to UK taxpayers of the Royal family in 2009/10 was 38.2 million (source: BBC). On the other hand, the Royal family do pay tax on their income, which doesn't just come from us!

Whatever your view, as taxpayers' money contributes, this is a consumer decision, so your view matters. We've run this poll before, and thought it'd be interesting to see if views have changed after the royal wedding.

Which of these is closest to your view of what should happen with the Royal family?


Deconstitutionalise them. Just leave a pure figurehead monarchy. 1,792 votes (18 %)
Ditch 'em. End the monarchy forever.2,014 votes (20 %)
No change. It's fine as it is. 4,831 votes (49 %)
Put the Royals back in charge. Ditch all PMs & let them rule. 1,265 votes (13 %)

                   9,902 votes received.

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