What should be most heavily taxed?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 26 June 2007.

Will our new Chancellor be brave enough to change what the old one did? Who knows. Yet for a bit of fun, let's pretend you're Gordon's Darling and need to raise more tax. If it were in your power, which of the following would you raise?

So what should be most heavily taxed?


A. Alchohol Tax 1,555 votes (16 %)
B. Cigarette Tax6,427 votes (66 %)
C. Council Tax  26 votes (0 %)
D. Income Tax531 votes (5 %)
E. Inheritence Tax352 votes (4 %)
F. Petrol Tax385 votes (4 %)
G. Stamp Duty161 votes (2 %)
H. VAT228 votes (2 %)

                   9,665 votes received.

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