Would you forgo a payrise to help stop inflation?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 04 August 2008:

Would you forgo a payrise to help stop inflation?

Inflation, which is the rate that prices rise, is on the up. Much is due to the international increase in cost of oil and food, yet one way to keep it low, that the government has requested, is to ask that pay settlements are not above inflation. That way, less money pours into the economy, so there’s lower demand, which in turn keeps prices stable.

On the positive side, if we all had a pay rise freeze we may all gain as prices wouldn’t rise as quickly. Yet without a payrise, money won’t stretch as far given current inflation rate.

Ignoring disagreements over the economic theory, would you forgo an above-inflation rise for the greater good?

Which of these is nearest your answer?


A. Yes, we’ll all gain. I think we should all give it a go.1,035 votes (19 %)
B. Yes, I’ll do my bit. Even if everyone else doesn’t, it’s important, I’m willing.586 votes (11 %)
C. No, as I’d be alone. I would, but no one else will, so there’s no point.1,598 votes (29 %)
D. No, I need more money now. Even if it hurts in the long run.985 votes (18 %)
E. No, I just want as much cash as possible. The sooner I get it the better.1,278 votes (23 %)

                   5,482 votes received.

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