Have you saved in a cash ISA this tax year (ie since April 11)?MoneySaving Poll Results


A cash ISA is simply a tax-free savings account. You're allowed to put in 5,340 per tax year – then it stays tax free year after year. Yet the cash ISA year end is nearly upon us (5 April), and if you don't use it you lose it.   

Which of the following is closest to your situation?


I'm not sure (121 votes)
I can't remember if I've done it this year or not121 votes (100%)
I've already put cash in a 2011-12 ISA (10164 votes)
I've put the max 5,340 in6898 votes (68%)
I've not maxed it out, but put as much savings as I've got in2293 votes (23%)
I've not maxed it out. I put some in, but do have savings elsewhere973 votes (10%)
I've NOT used my 2011-12 cash ISA allowance yet (5161 votes)
I've no spare cash to go in one3178 votes (62%)
I'm planning to, just not got round to it yet821 votes (16%)
I've got savings but couldn't be bothered380 votes (7%)
I used my ISA allowance for stocks and shares, not cash423 votes (8%)
I've got past years' ISAs and didn't know I could put more in68 votes (1%)
I'm a bit too scared/confused/don't know enough to do it291 votes (6%)

                   15,446 votes received.

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