What do you want on a car’s backside?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 5 May 2009:

What do you want on a car’s backside?

We’ve run out of the current batch of car stickers, and have had many suggestions to follow up the old “Screw the Banks before they screw you” and “Legally Rob a Bank” stickers. Thanks to forum users for the new batch of suggestions below.

Which sticker slogan do you prefer? Envisage it on a car in front of you.
(all would of course say MoneySavingExpert.com on the bottom)


A. Click (arrow pointing at MSE logo) before every trip247 votes (6 %)
B. Give yourself some credit418 votes (10 %)
C. Money for nothing – tips for free1,882 votes (45 %)
D. My ends always meet!407 votes (10 %)
E. Lessen the Recession!626 votes (15 %)
F. Put the brakes on your spending588 votes (14 %)

                   4,168 votes received.

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