Would you save in a non UK-protected account?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 05 October 2009:

Would you save in a non UK-protected account?

Currently the Bank of Cyprus pays the highest 1yr fixed savings rate. Yet in the unlikely event it went bust, as with a few other EU banks (non-EU banks must have full UK protection), youd need to claim your lost money back from the home Cypriot govt, not the UKs. However you get cover for 100,000 (c 90,000), not the 50,000 of the UK scheme.

If you had money to save, would you be happy to put it in a non UK-protected bank?


A. Yes1,667 votes (23 %)
B. Yes, but only from a larger country889 votes (12 %)
C. No4,608 votes (64 %)

                   7,164 votes received.

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