Would you buy clothes you knew were made using child labour?MoneySaving Poll Results


There are often questions about the use of child labour to make cheap clothes. If proved, would this affect the way you balance your pocket versus the way goods are manufactured? We last asked this in 2013 and are fascinated to see if views have changed since then.

If it was CONFIRMED a (hypothetical) fashion store sold cheap, child-sweatshop-made clothes, which of these statements would be CLOSEST to your attitude?


I source all my clothes from sustainable, fair trade organisations anyway130 votes (1 %)
I wouldn't care. It's a different culture, so not our business571 votes (7 %)
I'd avoid it, unless I couldn't find a cheap, viable alternative2,345 votes (27 %)
I'd never shop there again3,587 votes (41 %)
If it's cheap and I like it, it wouldn't stop me buying1,142 votes (13 %)
They're all the same in reality, so there's little choice955 votes (11 %)

                   8,730 votes received.

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