Do you owe more than you earn?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 05 Nov 07:

Do you owe more than you earn?

How much debt do you have compared to your annual income? We’re not talking any mortgage debt here; though if you’ve added other debts onto your mortgage, it's best to count that. Be prepared to be shocked…

How to work it out?

Step 1: Calculate your total debts. Don’t guess, add them up properly; this in itself is an important to-do.

Step 2: Divide the total by your annual income. If you owe £5,000 and earn £20,000 your debts are a quarter of your earnings.


A. I’ve no debt/only mortgage debt.2,881 votes (38 %)
B. I owe less than a tenth (10%) of my annual income.1,041 votes (14 %)
C. I owe less than a quarter (25%) of my annual income.878 votes (12 %)
D. I owe less than half (50%) of my annual income.719 votes (9 %)
E. I owe less than my annual income. 656 votes (9 %)
F. I owe more than my annual income. 693 votes (9 %)
G. I owe more than double my annual income. 303 votes (4 %)
H. I owe more than three times my annual income. 170 votes (2 %)
I. I owe more than five times my annual income.229 votes (3 %)

                   7,570 votes received.

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