Energy smart meters: Great tech or a pain in the neck?MoneySaving Poll Results


Over eight million energy smart meters have been rolled out. They automatically send meter readings to your supplier for you, so you donít have to. Yet many have issues, including the fact that if you switch, they revert to being Ďdumbí meters. See our Smart Meter guide.

So whatís your opinion? Please select ALL the options that are closest to your view under the relevant category.


I DO have a smart meter (3553 voters)
Good Ė For tracking/reducing usage1322 votes (37%)
Good Ė Saves me doing meter readings1945 votes (55%)
Good Ė I like new tech689 votes (19%)
Good Ė Itís simple and easy to use1094 votes (31%)
Bad Ė It's messed my bills up388 votes (11%)
Bad Ė Iíve had installation/service problems866 votes (24%)
Bad Ė I worry about data privacy/security285 votes (8%)
Bad Ė I donít understand/trust it376 votes (11%)
Bad Ė I felt pressured into having one381 votes (11%)
Bad Ė It has put me off switching501 votes (14%)
I DONíT have a smart meter (7314 voters)
I want one but canít get one638 votes (9%)
I want one but donít know how to get one162 votes (2%)
I want one but have never got round to it230 votes (3%)
Iím waiting until theyíre fully switchable2066 votes (28%)
Iíve never really heard of them41 votes (1%)
Iím renting so it's not my decision127 votes (2%)
I donít want one Ė Due to privacy/security1843 votes (25%)
I donít want one Ė If it ainít broke, donít fix it2395 votes (33%)
I donít want one Ė Too much bad press1633 votes (22%)
I donít want one Ė I worry about health impact of tech469 votes (6%)

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