How many products do you have with your bank?MoneySaving Poll Results

Banks measure success of their current accounts by ‘cross-selling’, ie how many other things they can flog you. So how much does your bank love you?

How many different product TYPES eg credit card, life insurance, ISA, do you have with your main bank?


Eight104 votes (1 %)
Five820 votes (6 %)
Four1,777 votes (13 %)
Nine  23 votes (0 %)
One (just my bank account)3,509 votes (26 %)
Seven158 votes (1 %)
Six389 votes (3 %)
Ten or more89 votes (1 %)
Three2,974 votes (22 %)
Two3,479 votes (26 %)

                   13,322 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.