Would you vote for less tax or more spend?MoneySaving Poll Results


Were just 30 weeks away from a general election and already battle lines are being drawn. The Conservatives are pushing tax cuts, while Labour are focused on increasing public spending and introducing new taxes.

Let's take the straightforward premise that to be able to increase public spending taxes also need to be increased (which of course is an oversimplification), which of these options is CLOSEST to your views?


Slash taxes, slash spending2,048 votes (26 %)
Slight tax cuts, slight spending cuts2,018 votes (25 %)
Keep it as it is now1,067 votes (13 %)
Tax a little more, spend a little more2,135 votes (27 %)
Tax a lot more, spend a lot more709 votes (9 %)

                   7,977 votes received.

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