Do you know what information is kept on credit files?MoneySaving Poll Results

Apply for a mortgage, credit card, even a mobile phone contract, and you’re credit-scored (see Boost Your Credit Score for more info). As well as your application form details, and any past dealings they’ve had with you, firms also get details from one of three credit reference agencies.

Answer for ALL whether you think this information is on credit files for LENDERS to see.

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Past borrowing rejections
Yes7128 votes (85%)
No1213 votes (15%)
Marital/domestic status
Yes6146 votes (74%)
No2195 votes (26%)
Any past speeding fines
Yes1363 votes (16%)
No6978 votes (84%)
Missed credit card payments
Yes8139 votes (98%)
No202 votes (2%)
Your current salary
Yes2774 votes (33%)
No5567 votes (67%)
Late credit card payments
Yes7931 votes (95%)
No410 votes (5%)
If you're on the electoral roll
Yes7753 votes (93%)
No588 votes (7%)
Monthly insurance payments
Yes3110 votes (37%)
No5231 votes (63%)
Student loan information
Yes4641 votes (56%)
No3700 votes (44%)
Any criminal record
Yes3737 votes (45%)
No4604 votes (55%)
When you check credit file
Yes5443 votes (65%)
No2898 votes (35%)
5-yr old loan, now paid off
Yes6203 votes (74%)
No2138 votes (26%)

           8,341 people have voted.

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