Budget poll: Will you be better off in a yearís time?MoneySaving Poll Results


Itís Budget week, the time the Chancellor reviews the national finances and presents forecasts for the economy. Consumer confidence has a huge impact on that Ė if we stop spending, the economy stutters.

So do you feel youíll be better or worse off in a yearís time?

Please choose one option in the relevant category below:


I’m aged under 25 (331 votes)
Much better off21 votes (6%)
Better off43 votes (13%)
Slightly better off63 votes (19%)
Roughly the same80 votes (24%)
Slightly worse off52 votes (16%)
Worse off51 votes (15%)
Much worse off21 votes (6%)
I'm aged 25 to 34 (1406 votes)
Much better off42 votes (3%)
Better off154 votes (11%)
Slightly better off251 votes (18%)
Roughly the same358 votes (25%)
Slightly worse off281 votes (20%)
Worse off233 votes (17%)
Much worse off87 votes (6%)
I'm aged 35 to 49 (1929 votes)
Much better off42 votes (2%)
Better off111 votes (6%)
Slightly better off212 votes (11%)
Roughly the same427 votes (22%)
Slightly worse off428 votes (22%)
Worse off519 votes (27%)
Much worse off190 votes (10%)
I'm aged 50 to 64 (1891 votes)
Much better off27 votes (1%)
Better off100 votes (5%)
Slightly better off134 votes (7%)
Roughly the same371 votes (20%)
Slightly worse off406 votes (21%)
Worse off623 votes (33%)
Much worse off230 votes (12%)
I'm aged 65+ (1055 votes)
Much better off19 votes (2%)
Better off57 votes (5%)
Slightly better off103 votes (10%)
Roughly the same273 votes (26%)
Slightly worse off213 votes (20%)
Worse off285 votes (27%)
Much worse off105 votes (10%)

                   6,612 votes received.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.