How green are you?MoneySaving Poll Results

How green are you?

Poll Started 07 September 2009:

While being green & MoneySaving can go hand in hand in some areas, like saving energy, often they diverge, as with cheap flights & products transported from the other side of the world.

Where do you sit on the green vs. price spectrum?


1 - Price is everything. Green concerns are nonsense.852 votes (14 %)
2 - Price is crucial. Though if I can be green with little effort I will.2,534 votes (43 %)
3 - Mid-way. Cheap goods but not if they’re terribly un-environmental.1,980 votes (33 %)
4 - Cheapest ethical. I only use ethical producs, but search for the cheapest.499 votes (8 %)
5 - The environment is everything. I always go green regardless of cost.81 votes (1 %)

                   5,946 votes received.

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