Parcel delivery firms: who are the best and worst?MoneySaving Poll Results


As internet shopping grows, parcel delivery is becoming a regular part of our lives. Yet complaints range from no-shows to “they threw the goods over the fence” or “they lied that we weren't in.” So we want to find out who are the good guys and who are the cowboys.

Please rate your overall experiences with these major firms (don’t rate if you haven’t used them).


City Link (4434 votes)
Good1589 votes (36%)
OK1727 votes (39%)
Bad1118 votes (25%)
DHL (3858 votes)
Good1807 votes (47%)
OK1580 votes (41%)
Bad471 votes (12%)
DPD (3398 votes)
Good1841 votes (54%)
OK1027 votes (30%)
Bad530 votes (16%)
Hermes (3773 votes)
Good1445 votes (38%)
OK1187 votes (31%)
Bad1141 votes (30%)
Parcelforce (4932 votes)
Good2692 votes (55%)
OK1705 votes (35%)
Bad535 votes (11%)
Royal Mail Parcels (5579 votes)
Good3228 votes (58%)
OK1761 votes (32%)
Bad590 votes (11%)
TNT (2423 votes)
Good850 votes (35%)
OK1218 votes (50%)
Bad355 votes (15%)
Yodel (5047 votes)
Good625 votes (12%)
OK853 votes (17%)
Bad3569 votes (71%)
UPS (3235 votes)
Good1796 votes (56%)
OK1113 votes (34%)
Bad326 votes (10%)
UK Mail (2397 votes)
Good660 votes (28%)
OK1272 votes (53%)
Bad465 votes (19%)
Never used a delivery firm
Never used a delivery firm 42 votes
Had deliveries but don't know which firm
Had deliveries but don't know which firm 134 votes

           7,563 people have voted.

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