What値l happen to house prices?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 08 March 2010:

What値l happen to house prices?

Annual UK house rises of around 4.5% have been reported for the last year, though figures for last month show a slight dip. So it's time for our regular poll to ask you where you think they値l go next.

What do you think値l happen to UK house prices over the next 12 months?


A. Increase over 20% (big boom).142 votes (1 %)
B. Increase 10-20% (boom).150 votes (1 %)
C. Increase 5-10%.1,270 votes (12 %)
D. Increase 2-5%.3,166 votes (29 %)
E. No real change.2,720 votes (25 %)
F. Decrease 2-5%.1,140 votes (11 %)
G. Decrease 5-10%.809 votes (7 %)
H. Decrease 10-20% (smaller crash).540 votes (5 %)
I. Decrease over 20% (crash).459 votes (4 %)
J. I really have no idea.460 votes (4 %)

                   10,856 votes received.

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