What wouldn’t you downshift on? MoneySaving Poll Results


Our Downshift Challenge is all about trying dropping one brand level, as the savings can be huge. Often, you can’t notice the difference, but that’s not always the case.  And if the quality’s worse, going cheaper can (on occasion) be a false economy.

Which of these 18 common downshifts WOULDN'T you skimp on? (Only vote on items you buy.)


Alcoholic drinks (9058 votes)
Skimp away4557 votes (50%)
Quality counts4501 votes (50%)
Baked beans (9903 votes)
Skimp away4921 votes (50%)
Quality counts4982 votes (50%)
Bin bags/ liners (9816 votes)
Skimp away6542 votes (67%)
Quality counts3274 votes (33%)
Cola drinks (8731 votes)
Skimp away3345 votes (38%)
Quality counts5386 votes (62%)
Fruit and veg (10186 votes)
Skimp away5816 votes (57%)
Quality counts4370 votes (43%)
Haircuts (using a cheaper hairdresser/ DIY) (9815 votes)
Skimp away5502 votes (56%)
Quality counts4313 votes (44%)
Painkillers (9932 votes)
Skimp away9200 votes (93%)
Quality counts732 votes (7%)
Pet food (7759 votes)
Skimp away4413 votes (57%)
Quality counts3346 votes (43%)
Razors/ razor blades (8786 votes)
Skimp away4097 votes (47%)
Quality counts4689 votes (53%)
Sausages (9687 votes)
Skimp away1546 votes (16%)
Quality counts8141 votes (84%)
Shampoo/ conditioner (10079 votes)
Skimp away4909 votes (49%)
Quality counts5170 votes (51%)
Shoes (10093 votes)
Skimp away3600 votes (36%)
Quality counts6493 votes (64%)
Socks/ tights (9585 votes)
Skimp away7178 votes (75%)
Quality counts2407 votes (25%)
Tea bags (9914 votes)
Skimp away3424 votes (35%)
Quality counts6490 votes (65%)
Tin foil (9772 votes)
Skimp away8336 votes (85%)
Quality counts1436 votes (15%)
Toilet roll (10320 votes)
Skimp away5053 votes (49%)
Quality counts5267 votes (51%)
Underwear (9941 votes)
Skimp away4533 votes (46%)
Quality counts5408 votes (54%)
Washing-up liquid (10223 votes)
Skimp away5136 votes (50%)
Quality counts5087 votes (50%)

           11,156 people have voted.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.