Money Quiz: Can you work it out?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 09 June 08.

Money Quiz: Can you work it out?

The question looks simple, but I did it as a poll a few years ago and less than one in three people got it right – will you? The correct answer will be in next week’s MoneySaving E-mail

Which one of these will give you a better return?


A. Stockmarket rises 10%/year for 5 years then drops 10%/year for 5 years.1,272 votes (24 %)
B. Stockmarket falls 10%/year for 5 years then rises 10%/year for 5 years.1,055 votes (20 %)
C. Stockmarket stays the same.1,570 votes (30 %)
D. All are equal.1,386 votes (26 %)

                   5,283 votes received.

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