Do you play by the rules – which of these 'naughty things' have you done?MoneySaving Poll Results


The following are common misdemeanours, many are criminal and fraudulent. How many have you done?


Been paid cash in hand - without declaring it (5842 votes)
Once or twice4943 votes (37%)
Regularly899 votes (7%)
Paid someone cash in hand - assuming they won't declare it (6493 votes)
Once or twice5298 votes (39%)
Regularly1195 votes (9%)
Claimed expenses that weren't for work - eg taxi receipts (1823 votes)
Once or twice1496 votes (11%)
Regularly327 votes (2%)
Bought counterfeit goods - handbags, DVDs, videos, games etc (5112 votes)
Once or twice4560 votes (34%)
Regularly552 votes (4%)
Downloaded illegally - eg, music, films, games (5924 votes)
Once or twice3821 votes (28%)
Regularly2103 votes (16%)
Tried 'taster' grape/pick 'n' mix - without permission or paying (3436 votes)
Once or twice2870 votes (21%)
Regularly566 votes (4%)
Bought clothes to 'wear & return' – keeping tags intact to get refund (1347 votes)
Once or twice1141 votes (8%)
Regularly206 votes (2%)
Clipped a car & driven off - without leaving a note or owning up (2768 votes)
Once or twice2607 votes (19%)
Regularly161 votes (1%)
Lied on your CV - misled potential employers to get a job (1799 votes)
Once or twice1435 votes (11%)
Regularly364 votes (3%)
Shill-bid on eBay - using mates or 2nd account to boost bidding (2697 votes)
Once or twice2329 votes (17%)
Regularly368 votes (3%)
Lied to blag a concession - claiming to be younger/older for discount (3134 votes)
Once or twice2741 votes (20%)
Regularly393 votes (3%)
Moved a reduced sticker - to get a reduction on a non reduced item (1855 votes)
Once or twice1628 votes (12%)
Regularly227 votes (2%)
Put false 'extras' on insurance claims - so you wrongly get more (1080 votes)
Once or twice923 votes (7%)
Regularly157 votes (1%)
Been a fare dodger - avoiding or underpaying train or bus fares (3713 votes)
Once or twice3312 votes (25%)
Regularly401 votes (3%)
Nicked stuff from shops - without ever paying for it (2237 votes)
Once or twice2040 votes (15%)
Regularly197 votes (1%)
None of the above (2099 votes)
None of the above2099 votes (16%)

           13,446 people have voted.

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