Ever paid for cosmetic surgery/injections?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 09 November 2010:

Ever paid for cosmetic surgery/injections?

The lines between beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery are blurring so we thought wed see how common it is (tattoos & piercings excluded).

Have you ever PAID for any of the following - vote for all that apply.


I'm a Woman ( votes)
Botox / similar wrinkle reduction360 votes (0%)
Breast implants / lift221 votes (0%)
Breast reduction54 votes (0%)
Chemical peels82 votes (0%)
Cosmetic dentistry265 votes (0%)
Ears pinned34 votes (0%)
Eye lift68 votes (0%)
Facelift51 votes (0%)
Filler (to fill in deep facial lines)186 votes (0%)
Hair implants13 votes (0%)
Laser hair reduction204 votes (0%)
Liposuction (fat drainage) 72 votes (0%)
Lip implants29 votes (0%)
Make up tattoos68 votes (0%)
Rhinoplasty (nose reshaped)84 votes (0%)
Tummy tuck55 votes (0%)
Other106 votes (0%)
None2541 votes (0%)

I'm a Man ( votes)
Botox / similar wrinkle reduction41 votes (0%)
Chemical peels17 votes (0%)
Chest implants20 votes (0%)
Chest reduction31 votes (0%)
Cosmetic dentistry59 votes (0%)
Ears pinned31 votes (0%)
Eye lift31 votes (0%)
Facelift21 votes (0%)
Filler (to fill in deep facial lines)21 votes (0%)
Hair implants21 votes (0%)
Laser hair reduction40 votes (0%)
Liposuction (fat drainage) 30 votes (0%)
Lip implants16 votes (0%)
Make up tattoos11 votes (0%)
Rhinoplasty (nose reshaped)35 votes (0%)
Tummy tuck22 votes (0%)
Other44 votes (0%)
None1955 votes (0%)

5,718 people have selected 0 options (percentages are the number who voted for that topic of the total people who have voted, so won't add up to 100%).

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