What's the APR of a ‘pint to say thanks’?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 10 March 09:

What's the APR of a ‘pint to say thanks for the cash’?

If someone lent you £20 and said "pay me back in a week, then buy me a pint (£2.75) and we’re sorted", what’s the equivalent APR?

Note: Thanks to Tony Levene’s guardian piece for inspring this. To calculate the APR,a compound rate has been used.

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A. 13.7%3,033 votes (31 %)
B. 82%611 votes (6 %)
C. 275%1,176 votes (12 %)
D. 137%1,069 votes (11 %)
E. 2,750%1,665 votes (17 %)
F. 13,700%922 votes (9 %)
G. 82,000%671 votes (7 %)
H. 275,000%371 votes (4 %)
I. 1.37 million %406 votes (4 %)

                   9,924 votes received.

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