Have you ever ‘tweaked the truth’ on an insurance claim?MoneySaving Poll Results


Lying on an insurance claim is fraud. No question. Yet many people admit to ‘tweaking the truth’ (still fraud) like saying their mobile phone was taken from their bag when they know the bag was unzipped and it dropped out or claiming they had whiplash after only having a minor car prang.

We want you to be honest to see how widespread an issue this is.

Have you ever bent the truth? Please answer for each insurance policy you've ever claimed on:


Breakdown (1676 votes)
Full-blown lie48 votes (3%)
Tweaked truth109 votes (7%)
100% honest1519 votes (91%)
Car/van/motorbike (1841 votes)
Full-blown lie81 votes (4%)
Tweaked truth230 votes (12%)
100% honest1530 votes (83%)
Critical Illness (984 votes)
Full-blown lie16 votes (2%)
Tweaked truth26 votes (3%)
100% honest942 votes (96%)
Home (1863 votes)
Full-blown lie106 votes (6%)
Tweaked truth310 votes (17%)
100% honest1447 votes (78%)
Life (1110 votes)
Full-blown lie16 votes (1%)
Tweaked truth35 votes (3%)
100% honest1059 votes (95%)
Mobile phone (1189 votes)
Full-blown lie83 votes (7%)
Tweaked truth125 votes (11%)
100% honest981 votes (83%)
Payment protection (994 votes)
Full-blown lie30 votes (3%)
Tweaked truth40 votes (4%)
100% honest924 votes (93%)
Pet (1043 votes)
Full-blown lie17 votes (2%)
Tweaked truth37 votes (4%)
100% honest989 votes (95%)
Travel (1504 votes)
Full-blown lie53 votes (4%)
Tweaked truth119 votes (8%)
100% honest1332 votes (89%)

           2,340 people have voted.

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