When do you get paid?MoneySaving Poll Results

The days of a weekly cash paypacket are long gone for most. Most payment is now electronic, yet how and when youíre paid still varies and a confused pay schedule can cause havoc if itís out of kilter with your bills.

When do you get paid?


I work casually and paid as & when184 votes (1 %)
I'm paid every four weeks2,188 votes (9 %)
I'm paid fortnightly  114 votes (0 %)
I'm paid weekly2,356 votes (9 %)
No payday (e.g. self-employed / unemployed / retired / homemaker)2,862 votes (11 %)
Other payment system364 votes (1 %)
Paid monthly: 1st week of the month1,122 votes (4 %)
Paid monthly: 2nd week of the month897 votes (4 %)
Paid monthly: 3rd week of month2,918 votes (12 %)
Paid monthly: 4th or 5th week of month12,146 votes (48 %)

                   25,151 votes received.

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