Do you click the ads on Google? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 10 August 2009:

Do you click the ads on Google?

When you’re searching whether Google or elsewhere, often “sponsored links” come at the top of the page and along the right hand column. These are adverts, which people pay to put there.

Which is closest to your view?


A. I wasn’t aware of the difference.288 votes (3 %)
B. I always ignore them (& use only the actual search results).4,941 votes (47 %)
C. I look at natural search results first (then the ads if that fails).3,045 votes (29 %)
D. I scan the ones on the top (if they’re good I click them).1,118 votes (11 %)
E. I scan all of them top & side (if they’re good I click them).811 votes (8 %)
F. Who cares if they’re ads if they're effective?399 votes (4 %)

                   10,602 votes received.

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