Do you think you get good value from paying tax?MoneySaving Poll Results


Poll started 11 January 2010:

Do you think you get good value from paying tax?

We pay tax as a cost of living in the wider civil society, so that all the functions it requires, both for us and others, are met.

Yet if we were (probably wrongly) to think in purely selfish terms, do you feel you gain more than you lose?

Total you pay in: Income tax, VAT, council tax and others

Total you receive: Benefits, tax credits, NHS treatments, police, national security, council services etc

Which of these do you think best reflects your situation?


I pay in much more than I receive3,900 votes (50 %)
I pay in a little more than I receive438 votes (6 %)
I pay in more than I receive2,243 votes (28 %)
I receive much more than I pay in345 votes (4 %)
I receive a little more than I pay in213 votes (3 %)
I receive more than I pay in349 votes (4 %)
It's roughly the same383 votes (5 %)

                   7,871 votes received.

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