Should we ditch & switch the Royals?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 11 September 2007:

Should we ditch & switch the Royals?

The civil list, which pays for the Royals to do their official work, costs UK taxpayers 7.9 million a year. On the other hand, the Royal family pay tax on their income, which doesn't just come from the list.

Whatever your view, as taxpayers' money contributes, it is a consumer decision, so which of these is closest to your view of what should happen with the Royal family?


A. Put them back in charge. Ditch all PMs & let them rule.717 votes (11 %)
B. No change. Its fine as it is. 2,372 votes (37 %)
C. Deconstitutionalise them. Just leave a pure figure head monarchy.1,336 votes (21 %)
D. Ditch em. End the monarchy forever.1,928 votes (30 %)

                   6,353 votes received.

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