What's the cost of Christmas? How much do you think you will spend this year?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 11 Dec 2007:

How much with you spend on Christmas. I ran a similar poll two years ago (view results) and it will be interesting to see if the Credit Crunch is changing spending habits.

How much do you think you will spend this year?


A. Santa who?: 0 we don't celebrate 184 votes (5 %)
B. Secret Santa: 0 - 250 1,313 votes (33 %)
C. Serious Santa: 250 - 500 1,329 votes (33 %)
D. Stupendous Santa: 500 - 1000 838 votes (21 %)
E. Mother (of a) Christmas: 1000 plus309 votes (8 %)

                   3,973 votes received.

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