What have you taken from a hotel room?MoneySaving Poll Results


Many see a hotel room as a free-for-all. They don't just use things while they're there - once they leave, they take all they can, sometimes crossing the border of legality.

Tick each of the items you've taken from a hotel room (without specifically paying for it).


Bath robe357 votes (2 %)
Bed linen81 votes (1 %)
Books and literature440 votes (3 %)
Coffee/tea/sugar sachets9,620 votes (66 %)
Complimentary biscuits/chocolates10,599 votes (72 %)
Duvet 16 votes (0 %)
Hangers227 votes (2 %)
Pens/other stationery7,814 votes (53 %)
Pillows84 votes (1 %)
Shampoo/conditioners/soap/shower gel12,022 votes (82 %)
Slippers2,220 votes (15 %)
Toilet roll749 votes (5 %)
Towel1,001 votes (7 %)
TV 52 votes (0 %)
Other181 votes (1 %)
I never stay in hotels121 votes (1 %)
I stay in hotels but have never taken anything1,187 votes (8 %)

14,677 people have selected 46,771 options (percentages are the number who voted for that topic of the total people who have voted, so won't add up to 100%).

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