Which Tory manifesto policies would you like to see dropped?MoneySaving Poll Results


The Queen’s Speech is due “soon”, where Parliament opens and planned legislation is set out. As the Conservatives have the most MPs but not a majority in Parliament, it’s likely they won’t be able to get every manifesto pledge through. We’ve put a selection of 14 of them below.

Choose UP TO THREE that you’d most like to see dropped.


Complete constituency boundary review to reduce number of MPs to 6001,164 votes (7 %)
Corporation tax cut from 19% to 17%2,755 votes (18 %)
Energy bills cap to be introduced by regulator Ofgem796 votes (5 %)
Energy smart meters offered to every home and business by 2020933 votes (6 %)
Foreign aid to continue to be at least 0.7% of GDP3,489 votes (22 %)
Fox hunting free vote in Parliament to see if ban should be repealed5,855 votes (38 %)
Free school lunches to be replaced with free school breakfasts (except for poorest students)4,216 votes (27 %)
Modernise prisons with £1 billion of new spending1,223 votes (8 %)
Net migration reduced to 100,000/year1,629 votes (10 %)
New grammar schools to be created3,461 votes (22 %)
Social care to be paid for by all with £100,000+ assets (incl property) – even if care’s delivered at home6,333 votes (41 %)
State pension triple lock changed to double lock (ie, it’ll only rise with inflation and earnings, no 2.5% min rise guarantee)3,555 votes (23 %)
UK to leave single market and customs union as part of Brexit4,812 votes (31 %)
Winter fuel payments for pensioners to be means-tested2,294 votes (15 %)
Don’t drop any of them, all are good312 votes (2 %)

15,555 people have selected 42,827 options (percentages are the number who voted for that topic of the total people who have voted, so won't add up to 100%).

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