Do you care if goods are made in sweatshops?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 13 July 2010.

Do you care if goods are made in sweatshops?

Thereíve been reports this week of seven year olds working 100s of hours in sweatshops (see Mail story), yet what about the wider picture of adults in sweatshops?

Which of the following is closest to your view of sweatshop-sourced foreign goods?


A. Itís price that counts. I donít consider these issues.2,405 votes (25 %)
B. Prefer not but... would buy if thereís no more ethical viable alternative. 2,804 votes (29 %)
C. Ethics counts. I try to be aware of ethical issues & purchase accordingly.2,503 votes (26 %)
D. Iíd pay more for ethical goods. Happy to pay to ensure fair trade.2,080 votes (21 %)

                   9,792 votes received.

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