Would you pay higher taxes for NHS drugs for all?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 13 August 2007:

Would you pay higher taxes for NHS drugs for all?

Modern super-drugs are getting more expensive, and the funds to pay come from taxpayers' money, which of course pays for the NHS. Yet last week there was uproar when it was decided a family of new Alzheimer's drugs wouldn’t be made available for all; this follows a similar reaction to the decision on breast cancer drug Herceptin. So how do we balance this out?

Focusing, for clarity, purely on the NHS drugs budget rather than the NHS itself....

How much more tax would you be willing to pay to make all drugs available to all?


A. Nothing. Rationing is sadly always necessary. 1,231 votes (30 %)
B. 1p in the £1. We could do a little more. 1,511 votes (37 %)
C. 5p in the £1. This should help the woeful current situation.970 votes (24 %)
D. Doubling of taxes. If this is what it took, I’d pay. Everyone deserves the best care. 398 votes (10 %)

                   4,110 votes received.

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