Do you buy, wear, then return clothes?MoneySaving Poll Results

Many big stores, such as M&S, have generous no-fault return policies. Some people use this as a form of free rental you buy the clothes, wear them once, then return them.

The legality is questionable it depends on the terms. Yet with 14-day no-fault returns for internet goods coming into law next year, we want to see how common this behaviour is.

Which one of these is closest to your situation?


I regularly wear and return to get free rental879 votes (5 %)
Ive done it once or twice1,293 votes (8 %)
Ive never done it but would consider it1,559 votes (9 %)
I would never do it its morally wrong13,137 votes (78 %)

                   16,868 votes received.

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