What government spending would you PROTECT?MoneySaving Poll Results

NEW POLL: What government spending would you PROTECT?

The Prime Minister and Chancellor have both confirmed that the country will need to face swingeing cuts in public spending, with David Cameron announcing they will consult the public for ideas on where pennies and pounds could be saved. Last week we asked what you'd cut, now...

In which of these areas of spending do you most want spending protected?


A. Defence (military spending - 35bn)1,107 votes (9 %)
B. Education (schools and universities - 32bn)2,463 votes (20 %)
C. Environment (waste and pollution - 5bn)410 votes (3 %)
D. Health (the NHS - 124bn)4,555 votes (37 %)
E. Housing (4bn) 245 votes (2 %)
F. Law & Order (police and courts - 15bn)998 votes (8 %)
G. Overseas aid (money to the developing world - 12bn)688 votes (6 %)
H. Social Protection (state pension and benefits - 171 bn)1,275 votes (10 %)
I. Transport (roads & railways - 11bn)646 votes (5 %)

                   12,387 votes received.

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