Is the economy in an L, a W or a V?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 14 September 2009:

Is the economy in an L, a W or a V?

Some say we’ve just seen the summer of love, with economic indicators showing the recession is slowing. Yet is this the beginning of the end, or just a temporary pause before another big economic dip?

Which of these is CLOSEST to your view of the shape of the economic growth?


?. I haven’t a clue.774 votes (10 %)
L. A flat(ish) period will follow the sharp drop we’ve just had.3,631 votes (47 %)
V. We’ll now have a sharp rise following the sharp drop.659 votes (8 %)
W. We’ve had a sharp drop but it's going to drop again.2,724 votes (35 %)

                   7,788 votes received.

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