Have you ever read the Ts and Cs?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 15 April 2008:

Have you ever read the Ts and Cs?

Whether it's bank accounts, credit cards or mobile phone contracts, the devil’s in the detail. Yet does anyone actually read it? Which of these is closest to your situation?

Have you ever read the Ts and Cs?


A. Never – don’t understand them.535 votes (10 %)
B. Never – can’t be bothered.743 votes (14 %)
C. Rarely – once or twice in my lifetime.1,156 votes (21 %)
D. Occasionally – I try it when it's important1,706 votes (31 %)
E. Usually – not for everything, but most things.935 votes (17 %)
F. Always – I would never sign up for anything without a detailed check.376 votes (7 %)

                   5,451 votes received.

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