Is austerity or spending best for the UK economy?MoneySaving Poll Results


With the economy struggling, there's much debate as to whether it's best to spend our way out of the mire to promote growth, or make Government cutbacks to reduce the deficit and the national debt.

If you were Chancellor, which of these deliberately stark choices would you choose to best help the UK economy?


Cut Government spending. To cut the deficit (the amount we overspend annually) to stop the national debt growing as quickly, or to even reduce it.2,716 votes (43 %)
Increase Government investment (ie, borrowing) to boost the economy. Spend more cash to get more money flowing round the economy to promote growth.2,292 votes (37 %)
Neither will have a substantial impact. Global issues dictate our future, so internal moves are just tinkering.1,254 votes (20 %)

                   6,262 votes received.

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