What’s the ultimate luxury possession? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 15 June 2009:

What’s the ultimate luxury possession?

Imagine you’d won a contest with a prize that buys one of the following options (inc. all associated expenses) worth roughly £500,000.

Which would you choose?
You’re not allowed to sell it, or rent it out


A. A Supercar. High end, big engine, major grunt McLaren type.890 votes (7 %)
B. Holiday Apartment. A holiday home in southern Spain.5,982 votes (45 %)
C. A Helicopter. Four seater power-copter.455 votes (3 %)
D. Serious Bling. Real diamond & gold hardcore jewellery.454 votes (3 %)
E. A Yacht. Nice Sunseeker type.2,042 votes (15 %)
F. Chalet in the Alps. Cute residence in a nice ski resort.2,243 votes (17 %)
G. Private Plane. Private propeller-engined plane. 835 votes (6 %)
H. Total Plastic Surgery Makeover. Every possible enhancement.444 votes (3 %)

                   13,345 votes received.

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