What'd you do in a burning building?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll started 15 September 2008.

What'd you do in a burning building?

Decision-making psychology plays a huge part in how we make money judgements, so for a bit of fun, here’s a classic dilemma:

Important. Please read the scenario before answering.

You’re in a cinema watching a film and a fire starts, scaring the begeebies out of you. There are four possible outcomes…

  • You walk & everyone else walks… most people get out safely.

  • You run & everyone else walks… you definitely get out safely, others don't.

  • You walk & everyone else runs… many get killed, you’re definitely one.

  • You run & everyone else runs… many get killed, you’re possibly one.
You don't know what everyone else will do. Would you...


A. Walk.6,491 votes (64 %)
B. Run.3,710 votes (36 %)

                   10,201 votes received.

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