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Poll Started 16 Feb 2009:

Do you buy name brand medicine?

Branded medicine has a powerful selling point: nobody wants to ‘scrimp’ on their health. Yet generic medicines (unbranded/own brand) offer EXACTLY the same active ingredient (see the cheap medicines guide for more) at a fraction of the cost. Often the only difference is the lack of fancy packaging, and the coating.

Which of these do you mostly buy for yourself/your family?


A. Brand Name Medicines.959 votes (13 %)
B. Own brand for me, name brand for the kids.565 votes (8 %)
C. Supermarket/Chemist's Own Brand. 3,934 votes (55 %)
D. Uber-cheap unbranded.1,226 votes (17 %)
E. I get free prescriptions (so there’s no price difference).453 votes (6 %)

                   7,137 votes received.

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