Would you holiday in the UK?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 16 March 2009.

Would you holiday in the UK?

The pound has plummeted against the Euro and the Dollar, and while holiday prices have come down, the cost of doing anything once you’re abroad has rocketed. Has this changed your attitude to holidaying in Britain?

For your MAIN annual holiday/trip only, which is closest to your/your family's situation?


A. I never take a main holiday.759 votes (9 %)
B. I always holiday in the UK.1,141 votes (13 %)
C. I sometimes holiday in the UK and will this year.1,548 votes (18 %)
D. This year it's the UK for cost reasons, normally we go abroad.984 votes (12 %)
E. I’d want to stay in the UK, but need guaranteed sun, so it's abroad.665 votes (8 %)
F. The UK’s expensive anyway, I’m going abroad.1,571 votes (18 %)
G. I usually stay in the UK, this year I’m going abroad.239 votes (3 %)
H. I always go abroad, and I’d never ‘compromise’, so we are this year too.1,142 votes (13 %)
I. Money’s no problem anyway, we’re going abroad.478 votes (6 %)

                   8,527 votes received.

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