Should bankers' bonuses be stopped?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Stated 16 November 2009:

Should bankers' bonuses be stopped?

Legislationís being mooted to control big bonuses for uber-earners in city investment banks (e.g. not the high street banks Ė think the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & UBS).

Which of these is closest to your view?


A. No rules whatsoever. Itís an international industry, let the market decide.725 votes (5 %)
B. No rules for private sector banks. Yet limit them for govt-rescued ones.1,560 votes (10 %)
C. Reward long term results. Axe bonuses for short term risk-taking4,031 votes (25 %)
D. Cap the amount. Have a panel set out annual limits.1,528 votes (10 %)
E. Stop all big bonuses. The amount simply isnít right.8,079 votes (51 %)

                   15,923 votes received.

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