How likely are you to switch when a hot deal ends?MoneySaving Poll Results


From broadband to 0% cards, many of the best deals are short-lived, then you pay more. We want to find out which products you’re most likely to switch once the initial good deal ends.

Please ONLY ANSWER FOR PRODUCTS YOU HAVE/HAVE HAD RECENTLY... and base it on what you actually do, not what you'd like to think you do.


Balance transfer credit cards (1465 votes)
Very likely820 votes (56%)
Quite likely127 votes (9%)
Unlikely518 votes (35%)
Bank accounts (2101 votes)
Very likely466 votes (22%)
Quite likely436 votes (21%)
Unlikely1199 votes (57%)
Breakdown cover (2001 votes)
Very likely1151 votes (58%)
Quite likely411 votes (21%)
Unlikely439 votes (22%)
Car insurance (2773 votes)
Very likely2334 votes (84%)
Quite likely307 votes (11%)
Unlikely132 votes (5%)
Cashback credit cards (1513 votes)
Very likely554 votes (37%)
Quite likely324 votes (21%)
Unlikely635 votes (42%)
Credit cards for new borrowing/purchases (1352 votes)
Very likely545 votes (40%)
Quite likely195 votes (14%)
Unlikely612 votes (45%)
Gas/electricity (2825 votes)
Very likely1830 votes (65%)
Quite likely675 votes (24%)
Unlikely320 votes (11%)
Home insurance (2694 votes)
Very likely2079 votes (77%)
Quite likely421 votes (16%)
Unlikely194 votes (7%)
Home phone/broadband (2409 votes)
Very likely1030 votes (43%)
Quite likely666 votes (28%)
Unlikely713 votes (30%)
ISAs (2274 votes)
Very likely1401 votes (62%)
Quite likely401 votes (18%)
Unlikely472 votes (21%)
Mobile phone (2091 votes)
Very likely928 votes (44%)
Quite likely567 votes (27%)
Unlikely596 votes (29%)
Mortgages (1451 votes)
Very likely572 votes (39%)
Quite likely260 votes (18%)
Unlikely619 votes (43%)
Savings accounts (2300 votes)
Very likely1366 votes (59%)
Quite likely483 votes (21%)
Unlikely451 votes (20%)
Travel insurance (1796 votes)
Very likely1154 votes (64%)
Quite likely282 votes (16%)
Unlikely360 votes (20%)
TV subscriptions (1510 votes)
Very likely494 votes (33%)
Quite likely346 votes (23%)
Unlikely670 votes (44%)
None of these options are applicable to me (41 votes)
 41 votes (100%)

           3,437 people have voted.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.