Is it acceptable to haggle in a charity shop?MoneySaving Poll Results

Haggling sits up there with comparing prices, vouchers, codes and deals in a MoneySaverís shopping skills arsenal. However, recently we've heard of people haggling in charity shops and wanted to get your views on whether you think it's permissible, even though itís decreasing a charityís take.

Is it acceptable to haggle in a charity shop? Which is closest to your view?


Absolutely. Itís a store like any other.3,346 votes (30 %)
Only if you're struggling financially - then itís a form of charity too.1,459 votes (13 %)
Not in charity shops. Haggling in other stores is fine.5,660 votes (50 %)
Not anywhere in the UK. (But maybe foreign bazaars/market stalls.)751 votes (7 %)

                   11,216 votes received.

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