What's the cost of parking fines? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 17 March 2008:

Whatís the cost of parking fines?

The free Budget Planner microcategorises spending, but the car section doesnít include fines. Are these now such an annual part of peopleís expenditure that they should be included?

Are parking fines so unavoilable in our clamping culture that they should be factored in?

Whatís your typical annual spend on parking fines?


A. Nothing. Iíve NEVER had one. 3,144 votes (42 %)
B. Limited. Iíve only EVER had one or two. 3,260 votes (43 %)
C. Up to £50/year.309 votes (4 %)
D. £51 - £150/year. 401 votes (5 %)
E. £151 - £299/year.89 votes (1 %)
F. £300 plus.88 votes (1 %)
G. I don't drive.261 votes (3 %)

                   7,552 votes received.

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