Do you check your credit files?MoneySaving Poll Results


In the last five years, credit checking has become far more important. It decides whether you get mortgages, contract mobiles, credit cards, even whether you can pay for energy the cheapest way.

One small error on your files, which are held at Callcredit, Equifax and Experian, can cause havoc.

So how often do you check? Which is the nearest to your situation?

PS. For help, see†how to boost your credit score.


I check ALL three agencies annually687 votes (9 %)
I check infrequently, once or twice in the last few years1,738 votes (22 %)
I check my credit files with at least one agency a year373 votes (5 %)
I have an ongoing credit monitoring product with one agency971 votes (12 %)
Iíve never checked my credit files4,007 votes (52 %)

                   7,776 votes received.

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