Tell the USA your views on the NHS.MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 17 August 2009:

Tell the USA your views on the NHS.

Thereís a furore in the USA about healthcare policy, and some say President Obamaís planned actions are equivalent to setting up a NHS. Thatís meant huge debate over there about the service we have over here.

Which of these is closest to your message to the USA?


A. Big Thumbs Up. Free healthcare has always worked for me, go for it.3,739 votes (27 %)
B. Thumbs Up. Itís got its faults but it's better than any Ďpayí system.6,879 votes (50 %)
C. Thumbs Up-ish. It needs serious change, but on balance Iíd still recommend it.2,371 votes (17 %)
D. Thumbs Down-ish. It has some good elements, but Iíd stick with what youíve got.317 votes (2 %)
E. Thumbs Down. It hardly works, we need radical change to make it passable.253 votes (2 %)
F. Big Thumbs Down. We need to scrap our outdated, outmoded system.279 votes (2 %)

                   13,838 votes received.

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