Should Cheap Booze Be Banned?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 17 Nov 2008.

Should Cheap Booze Be Banned?

There’ve been calls from a Government select committee for price caps on alcohol. This would impact the selling of booze in supermarkets and would hit promotions such as '6 bottles of wine for a tenner' or even low brand lager for 30p.

Pros include... it’ll stop some “pre-loaded” binge drinking, making our streets safer.

Cons include... it’ll penalise those who just want a night in at a cheap rate.

So, it’s a deliberately polarising question.

Should there be minimum prices set on booze?


A. Yes.2,591 votes (28 %)
B. No.6,597 votes (72 %)

                   9,188 votes received.

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